Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Going Out With a Meh

We had a friend over for dinner...and she was delicious!

Heh. No, but she joined us for yummy seasoned fried tofu steaks and stir fry veggies with noodles and ginger sauce...wow. I'm totally full, and yet just reading that makes me hungry.

Anyway, she did, we ate, and I put Tankers down late and still have to shower, so this, my final NaBloPoMo entry will be utterly devoid of ceremony. Or possibly quality.

First, if you haven't already, go give a cosmic hug to BugginWord, who got some perfectly wonderful, deserved news today.

Secondly, for your absent-minded giggles, here are some misspellings and malapropisms that have made me chuckle today (four of the five are from Facebook, which should come as no surprise):

1) "I have to give the dog a shot. I'm a canarian."--Utterly serious five-year-old in class today, armed with a stethoscope, a needle, and, one would hope, a newspaper-lined cage.

2) "My simpathies."--Posted on a Facebook status update of a friend about a recent loss. While, obviously, there's nothing funny about the loss and this person's sorrow is clearly heartfelt, I am a bit tickled at the connotation of simpering condolences. Maybe because I was sometimes on the receiving end of them (again, by well-intentioned people), and found them aggravating. "You know, these things happen for a reason..." SMACK.

3) On an entirely different status update, someone wrote, "Contratulations." I dunno...it seems to...mean less when you write it like that.

4) On one post, a few women were posting back and forth about running off together. The original poster agreed to the plan, and I'm pretty sure she meant to write "definitely." But what she actually wrote? "Defiantly." Like, eff you, world! We're all running off together! I mean, we've all had those moments, no?

5) One more Facebook one: A friend wrote that she once said that she was "bleeding like a stuffed pig," and asked others to post similar oopses. I shared this true story: Once, when I felt that MOTH was being patronizing, I shouted indignantly, "I don't need your condensation!" Ahem. I was going for "condescension." I lost the argument.

I'd list more, but I think it's a mute point.


  1. Hilarious.
    I was new at a law firm and said something about a tart, rather than torte.
    Face: red. Foot: wet with dunce drool.

  2. Dude! I say it's a moo point all the time! I knew we were fated to dream about NPH together!

  3. Naptime--Mmm. Dunce drool. You know, if you reduce that over high heat, you get a nice thick stupid syrup...

    Elly--You know, it occurs to me that once we're friends with Mitchell and Cameron, they'll probably introduce us to NPH.

  4. My 8-year-old once declared that he's going to have a revolution and his revolution is to do the dishes. He meant resolution. But I was getting on board with that type of revolution.

    You did it!